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I was traversing Coventry city centre via my usual route when I came across a beautiful sight: someone had chucked fifteen or so Argos catalogues into the Bull Yard fountain and they just were sat there bathing, swollen up to double their size like oversized Liquorice Allsorts.
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Rent a car parking space for anything other than parking a car.
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Retroactively Solicited Architectural Intervention

To unofficially intervene within a topography in a manner so worthwhile that consensus qualifies the act. To criticise a topography, but also offer an alternative solution immediately without recourse.
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Mobile immovable objects: bollards on castors
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Urban diving boards

LGP bleachers/amphitheatre project: reference dump

Matt Boynton & Sam Kelly - Iterior Transpositions (Coventry) here


These guys are really annoying, they're like Hoxtonite, Twee-pop, trendy-wank designers with PR skills which are much overdeveloped. Other than being annoying though, they're actually really good. Their consideration of material is proper fucking witty. I think with regards to the bleachers, we should be looking to achieve a similar kind of witty materialism (see Philipe Starck, but contemporary). What do you think?

Plural + Totalstudio - Alexis (Bratislava, Slovakia) here

Matt Boynton - Nesting Judd-esque bleachers sketch

Folly for a Flyover (London) here

Ilja Karilampi - Seating for "Hoodamentary" (London) here

Ivan Argote & Pauline Bastard - Rising Action (London) here

Cyprien Gaillard - The Rediscovery of Discovery (Berlin) here
This WINS, by the way.

Sam Kelly - LGP amphitheatre - Pallet construction method - Floor plan

Sam Kelly - LGP amphitheatre - "Rollercoaster" construction method - Aerial 

Sam Kelly - LGP amphitheatre - "Rollercoaster" construction method - Segment construction showing timber cross braces 

LGP amphitheatre - "Rollercoaster" construction method -  Context


New project outline:
The relinquished accountability that anonymity offers the individual can enable both positive and negative possibilities within a social context. It has offered protection to agents of free speech, although simultaneously that same possibility of immunity from repercussion has proliferated antisocial rhetoric and action. Emerging behavioural patterns, which are evolving alongside new communication network structures, only seem to intensify the power the anonymous individual has to effect change on a societal scale. The role this latterly effective form of anonymous agency has played can be noted in many recent socio-political phenomena, including Chinese dissent, Wikileaks, The Arab Spring, within most forms of online criminal activity, international protests and riots, the emergence of the “troll”, and so on.
At a psychological scale, one could theorise that an individual’s behaviour may be significantly different given either onymous or anonymous status.

We propose a series of conversations focussing on contemporary social and political issues be conducted in an environment where the availability of the participants’ identities can be controlled. For example, the conversation would begin in a transparent environment, with all willing participants having a known identity. Then, at some stage the profile of each participant would become obscured. Would this switch enable an alteration in the individual voices or the direction of the conversation to be discerned?

The ubiquity of digital media means that mediated communication is becoming ever more central to our social conduct. We hope this experiment and the resulting text (the transcript) may act somewhat as a case study, via which it may be possible to glean further realisation of the consequence of our current behaviours and tendencies.

Interior Transpositions: blurb

The constraints of limited time and resources forced the collaborators to forgo the usual process. In order that we would be able to operate within these parameters, which were both restricting and urgent, we decided to eschew exterior subject. In its place, we adopted a framework of reductive methods to respond to the space itself. Physical idiosyncrasies of the warehouse’s interior have been contemplated, reiterated, and fed back into the space. This insular and recursive pattern creates a reverberation between the resulting objects and the environment, as they simultaneously describe the space and alter it.
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Alvin Lucier - I am sitting in a room (1969)

This is a hugely important work to me and the current project, "Interior Transpositions".